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Durable Learning

Von Peter Horneffer, MD, Barbara Oakley, PhD

Learning science encompasses research from both cognitive science and neuroscience to describe the process of durable learning. Just as the practice of medicine is supported by evidence (evidence-based medicine, or EBM), medical and nursing education should also be based on solid research and evidence (evidence based medical education, or EBME) in order for learners to effectively retain information: in other words, to experience durable learning.

Medical and health professionals must learn and retain an ever-increasing amount of knowledge over the course of their education, and using EBME can benefit both learners and teachers.

Learning science can be studied at any point in a teacher or learner’s career or education and remains accessible and beneficial at any point. Previous mastery of neuroscience or cognitive science is not required.

Basic knowledge of learning science allows teachers and learners to apply effective durable learning strategies simultaneously with other health professions courses.


Introduction to Durable Learning

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lecture locked Learning and the Evolution of the Brain

Neuroscience of Learning

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lecture locked Diffuse vs. Focused Mode of Thinking
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Dozenten des Kurses Durable Learning

 Peter Horneffer, MD

Peter Horneffer, MD

Dr. Peter Horneffer is the Executive Dean of the All American Institute of Medical Sciences (AAIMS) in Jamaica, which is an innovative new medical school which leverages technology to help build medical practitioner capacity in that underserved country. He also serves as Director of Medical Education at Lecturio.

He obtained his MD from Johns Hopkins where he stayed to complete his residency in cardio-thoracic surgery. In mid career he agreed to help create a new approach to delivering medical education to the underserved, and ultimately led the first school to be fully accredited using Internet-based resources and a hybrid approach to educate medical students simultaneously on multiple continents.

He still has a limited practice of heart surgery in Maryland, but spends most of his time teaching courses on Learning Science and hosts globally attended webinars for medical faculty, sharing effective ways to teach and learn.
 Barbara Oakley, PhD

Barbara Oakley, PhD

Dr. Barbara Oakley is a professor at the School of Engineering and Computer Science in Oakland University, USA. She obtained her PhD from Oakland University in 1998. She teaches the world’s largest MOOC, Learning How to Learn, with over two million registered students. Due to her outstanding teaching style, she has earned multiple teaching awards, such as Michigan Distinguished Professor of the Year (2018) amongst many others. Within Lecturio, Dr. Oakley teaches courses on Durable Learning.


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How to study with the understanding of neuroscience and what happens to the nerve cell when learning
von raaf w. am 28. September 2022 für Neuroscience of Learning

I personally liked the content and the kindness of the teachers who simply explain the mechanism of studying and how to learn and giving examples. I like to continue learning and I do not hate anything. I recommend these videos to my friends to watch .