Logical reasoning by Tim Aghotor

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About the Lecture

The lecture Logical reasoning by Tim Aghotor is from the course Legal English (EN). It contains the following chapters:

  • Introduction to Logical Reasoning
  • The Structure of Arguments
  • Paraphrase the Author's Points
  • Answer Possible Questions
  • Remember the Scope of the Argument
  • Summary

Included Quiz Questions

  1. Reading for details
  2. Reading for structure
  3. Paraphrasing key words
  4. Connecting abstract ideas to your own experience
  5. Anticipating where the author is going
  1. Scope
  2. Purpose
  3. Topic
  4. Main idea
  5. Details
  1. The ability to understand any piece of text which the author puts forward a point of view and attempts to support that opinion.
  2. It is when two people are raising their voices at each other in a court.
  3. It is opinion of a defendant against a plaintiff.
  4. It is logical conclusion to be reached in a proceeding.
  1. Interrogating the opinions of the subjects
  2. Interrogating the author’s logic
  3. Evaluating whether the argument is convincing or not
  4. Reading with a critical eye
  5. Reading strategically
  1. The limited areas in which the author is interested
  2. The broad areas of interest to the author
  3. It is the core of the whole title.
  4. Reading with a critical eye has no meaning for our purpose.

Author of lecture Logical reasoning

 Tim  Aghotor

Tim Aghotor

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