Legal writing by Tim Aghotor

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About the Lecture

The lecture Legal writing by Tim Aghotor is from the course Legal English (EN). It contains the following chapters:

  • Why Is Writing Important?
  • What to Consider for Writing
  • More to Consider for Writing
  • Exercise for Legal Writing
  • Strategies for Effective Legal Writing
  • The Access to Justice
  • The Planning of Legal Writing
  • The Step of Writing
  • More about Paragraphing
  • Paragraphing Exercise
  • Summary

Included Quiz Questions

  1. Many documents that are used by lawyers are written documents.
  2. Writing enables one to communicate correctly through time.
  3. Anything properly written and stored away can be read in the future.
  4. A written document is also publishable which makes it available for a larger number of people.
  5. Writing minimizes mistakes when comprehending a case.
  1. The nation
  2. The proposing counsel
  3. The opposing counsel
  4. The claimant
  5. Your client
  1. The intent of the draft
  2. The salutation
  3. The subject title
  4. The body of the letter
  5. The complimentary close of the letter
  1. What type of clothes they can afford for the court appearance.
  2. How well you know the person.
  3. How easy it will be for them to understand the issues at hand.
  4. How they would react towards the message.
  5. Their attitude towards you, the writer.
  1. Job specifications
  2. Plain English
  3. Revising
  4. Writing
  5. Planning
  1. Einstweilige Verfügung
  2. Gerichtliche Verfügung
  3. Letztwillige Verfügung
  4. Vermächtnis
  5. Rechtswegerschöpfung
  1. Answering enquiries or questions
  2. Setting out options
  3. Knowing for yourself what you want to say
  4. Asking yourself what the purpose of your writing is
  5. Being sure of what you want the recipient to know

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 Tim  Aghotor

Tim Aghotor

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