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Creating a PHP Login Script

By Alex Bowers


Online Shops, Discussion Boards, Social Media Pages and even Online Games – they all share one thing: The possibility to login and create an account. You would like to have this feature for your own web site? Here is the solution! In this video course you will learn everything you need to know in order to create user logins, secure them and integrate the user login system.

Your instructor Alex Bowers takes you through the basics of creating a user management system in PHP. You will learn how to properly set up the database and use encryption. Upon finishing this course you will even be prepared for dealing with errors and other disturbances.


  • Included lectures: 10
  • Duration: 2:01 h
  • Available documents: 9

Authors of course Creating a PHP Login Script

 Alex Bowers

Alex Bowers

Alex Bowers started his programming career learning PHP and MySQL, for a small project that he wanted to complete. Two years later, he had completed the project and become a bonifide PHP and mySQL expert. Alex was hooked. He just couldn’t get enough of coding. This was the beginning of a life long passion for programming.

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