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iOS 6/7 Development for Beginners

By Scott Kresge


Start iOS Development Now!

Create your own apps and improve your skills into the mobile area. With over six hours of video material and many different exercises you will be ready to create you own iOS Applications that will run on iPhone and iPad.

The course starts with the creation of user interfaces with the XCode storyboard and continues through topics like saving data on the device, gestures, geolocation and media. Each video includes several entertaining and informative code examples. Complete the course with a lab exercise designed to help you integrate and retain the concepts presented.

The course is contructed to make you apps run on iOS6 and iOS7. Background knowledge in C programming language may help you to complete this course.


  • Included lectures: 17
  • Duration: 6:01 h
  • Available documents: 33

Authors of course iOS 6/7 Development for Beginners

 Scott Kresge

Scott Kresge

Scott is a programmer from Wilkes Barre, Pennsylvania. He studied Computer Science at Misericordia University, graduating with a Bachelor’s degree in only three years at the top of his class. Scott has previously worked in the mobile applications industry with a company named CNC Apps. There he developed his skills as an Android developer, his main role being to program graphical elements in Android. He created items such as live wallpapers, games, and views using OpenGL and various other add-ons. During this time he also began exploring the two other major mobile platforms: iOS and Windows Phone 8, working on projects such as GPS locators and Web Stores. He has recently accepted a full-time position with Scientech, a Curtiss Wright Flow Control Company, where he is a programmer analyst working with the nuclear industry all over the United States to develop software to make the industry safer, while speeding up day-to-day processes. His latest endeavor is instructing with

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