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Matrix Algebra Tutor

By Jason Gibson

Improve your skills in linear algebra!

Matrix Algebra usually gives students problems in the beginning because although it has applications in algebra, it is completely different from any algebra the student has used up to this point.

The material in this online course is covered in most advanced high school algebra courses and is covered in a university linear algebra course as well. This online tutorial helps in matrix algebra just as if you would have hired a personal tutor. Every matrix algebra video lesson is taught by sample problems that will help you not only in class - but truly understand the material.

If you need linear algebra help that will increase your understanding and improve your grades in linear algebra quickly the Matrix Algebra Tutor will provide the tools you need to succeed.

Get better:

  • Adding and Subtracting and Multiplying by a Scalar
  • Row Equivalent Matrices
  • Gauss Elim and Gauss Jordan Elim
  • Inconstistent and Dependent Systems
  • Solving Systems Using Inverses
  • Determinants


  • Included lectures: 10
  • Duration: 7:00 h

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Authors of course Matrix Algebra Tutor

 Jason Gibson

Jason Gibson

Jason Gibson is the founder of and the teacher in all of the videos.

He also released DVDs in Physics and Basic Math and offers his courses online. His ongoing project is a comprehensive Chemistry series and an Engineering Circuit Analysis course.

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