Growth by James DeNicco

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About the Lecture

The lecture Growth by James DeNicco is from the course Principles of Macroeconomics (EN). It contains the following chapters:

  • Introduction to Growth
  • Factors of Production and Growth
  • Solow Growth Model
  • Equation for the Net Capital to Labor Ratio
  • The Steady State
  • Unconditional Convergence
  • Savings Rate
  • Total Factor Productivity
  • Population Growth Rate

Included Quiz Questions

  1. It is about evolving the standards of living.
  2. It is about making wealthy countries richer.
  3. It is about taking money from rich countries and give it to poor countries.
  4. It is about evolving the technology of a country.
  5. It is about keeping the standards of living.
  1. Physical capital; human capital
  2. Human capital; physical capital
  3. Physical capital; entrepreneurship
  4. Physical capital; natural resource
  1. ...increases output at a decreasing rate.
  2. ...increases output at an increasing rate.
  3. ...increases output at a constant rate.
  4. ...decreases output at an increasing rate.
  1. Investment, effective depreciation
  2. Investment; GDP per capita
  3. Savings; investment
  4. Effective depreciation; GDP per capita
  1. Always; if they share similar characteristics
  2. If they share similar characteristics; always
  3. Sometimes; if they are both democracies
  4. Always; never
  1. An increase in Total Factor productivity.
  2. A decrease in the savings rate.
  3. An increase in the population growth rate.
  4. An increase in the depreciation rate.

Author of lecture Growth

 James DeNicco

James DeNicco

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