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Calculus 3 Tutor. Vol 2

By Jason Gibson

If you need calculus help, you'll be interested to know that every single calculus video lecture features numerous solutions to calculus problems that you are likely to encounter in class.

Furthermore, our lectures do not only deal with the easier calculus problems. Our calculus lectures feature calculus problems of all complexities ranging from the elementary problems all the way to the challenging problems that you will likely find on your exams:

  • Triple Integrals
  • Div and Curl of Vector Fields
  • Alternative Form of Line Integrals in Vector Fields
  • Green´s Theorem
  • Flux Integrals
  • And many more


  • Included lectures: 13
  • Duration: 10:40 h

Authors of course Calculus 3 Tutor. Vol 2

 Jason Gibson

Jason Gibson

Jason Gibson is the founder of and the teacher in all of the videos.

He also released DVDs in Physics and Basic Math and offers his courses online. His ongoing project is a comprehensive Chemistry series and an Engineering Circuit Analysis course.

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