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Calculus 1 - Extra Practice with Integrals. Vol 2

By Jason Gibson


Calculus 1 consists of two main topics: first one is the concept of the Derivative, and the second one is the concept of the Integral.

This 5 Hour online course picks up where Vol 1 ends gives the student extra practice with Integration in Calculus with fully worked step-by-step example problems:

  • Area Between Two Curves
  • Calculating Volume With Integrals Using Cross-sections
  • Calculating Volume With The Disk Method and the Washer Method
  • Integration by Parts

Every topic is taught step-by-step and the student will master hte material by working problems of increasing complexity.


  • Included lectures: 20
  • Duration: 5:44 h

Authors of course Calculus 1 - Extra Practice with Integrals. Vol 2

 Jason Gibson

Jason Gibson

Jason Gibson is the founder of and the teacher in all of the videos.

He also released DVDs in Physics and Basic Math and offers his courses online. His ongoing project is a comprehensive Chemistry series and an Engineering Circuit Analysis course.

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