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The lecture Project Management Process by Whizlabs Software is from the course Project Management Professional - Training. It contains the following chapters:

  • Project Management Processes

Included Quiz Questions

  1. Functional Organization
  2. Projectized Organization
  3. Balanced Matrix Organization
  4. Strong Matrix Organization
  1. Project Coordinators owns the communication management part for projects.
  2. Project Coordinators have little power to take project decisions
  3. They mostly exist in a Functional Organization Structure involving less number of resources.
  4. Project Coordinators have more power than Project Expeditors.
  1. Communications
  2. Budgets
  3. Risks
  4. Resources availability
  1. Marketplace conditions
  2. Project closure guidelines & requirements.
  3. Organization communication guidelines & requirements.
  4. Templates, guidelines and organization’s set of standard processes.
  1. Matrix
  2. Projectized
  3. Virtual teams
  4. Functional
  1. Stakeholders should be identified during the planning process group.
  2. The Project Management plan is created during planning process group.
  3. Communication requirement of stakeholders are identified during planning process group.
  4. Planning is important, irrespective of the size and nature of the project.
  1. Collect requirements
  2. Identify stakeholders
  3. Identify Risks
  4. Create budget
  1. Rolling wave Planning
  2. Continuous Planning
  3. Iterative Planning
  4. Progressive Planning
  1. Projects can be part of a program, but operations can’t be.
  2. Projects are temporary, while operations are ongoing
  3. Projects produce something unique, while the output of operations is repetitive.
  4. Projects are managed as part of Project management & Operations require operations management.
  1. Stakeholders are identified during the planning stage of the project.
  2. Stakeholders can be positive and/or negative impact on the project.
  3. Project would have external & internal stakeholders
  4. It’s the responsibility of the project management team to identify & manage stakeholders.
  1. Giving additional benefits to positive stakeholders to keep them happy.
  2. Catering to the stakeholders’ communication needs.
  3. Gaining support of positive stakeholders
  4. Reducing obstacles from negative stakeholders.
  1. Close Project or Phase.
  2. Perform Integrated Change Control
  3. Develop Project Management Plan
  4. Direct and Manage Project Execution
  1. The project is being executed in a Projectized organization.
  2. The project is being executed in a matrix organization.
  3. The team members are not happy with the management approach.
  4. The existing project does not have any learning opportunity left for the team members.
  1. To ensure that the project team in not ‘reinventing the wheel’.
  2. Preventive repeating mistakes made in past projects.
  3. To save time in planning
  4. To help in planning processes.
  1. Project Scope statement
  2. Project Charter
  3. Stakeholder register
  4. Stakeholder management strategies.
  1. Project team always involves multiple resources.
  2. Portfolios can include operational work as well as project work.
  3. A Project can continue for several years.
  4. Programs often increase resource utilization.
  1. A Product Life cycle
  2. A Project Life cycle
  3. Product Management
  4. Research and Development
  1. Enhancing the benefits of an Organization
  2. Reduce cost of running independent projects.
  3. Club operations & project work in order to add values.
  4. Have a common risk management strategy.
  1. Progressive elaboration
  2. Rolling wave planning
  3. JIT approach (Just-in-time).
  4. Define scope.
  1. Balancing use of shared resources
  2. Performance reporting & distribute reports for all projects
  3. Quality control process definitions.
  4. Audits

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