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PRM Level IV

By Edu Pristine


This course gives an elaborate preparation for all modules of the Professional Risk Manager-IV Exam* (PRM IV)

The curriculum focuses on providing knowledge and understanding of:
  • Case Studies on Risk Management
  • Standards of Best Practice: Group of 30 Best Practices in Risk Management
  • Conduct & Ethics of Risk Management
  • PRMIA Governance Principles & Bylaws

About PRM
If you are looking for a lucrative finance career in Risk Consultancy Firms, Banks, Insurance companies, Asset Management, Hedge funds, Investment banks etc., then PRM (Professional Risk Manager) is the right catch for you. PRM is a professional designation awarded by the PRMIA to Professional Risk Managers (PRM) who passes their four online exams.

A PRM Charter can improve job opportunities, professional reputation & pay. Types of Businesses that hire PRMs include: Risk Consultancy Firms, Banks, Insurance Companies, Asset Management, Hedge Funds, Investment Banks etc.

About PRM Exam
  • PRM is recognized world-wide and is an International certification in Risk Management conducted by PRMIA, UK
  • Offered in over 140 countries at nearly 4,000 testing centers making PRM a true International benchmark
  • Endorsed by leading businesses and universities
  • Computer based Online exam conducted in four modules

* Course is excluded from discounts and vouchers can not be redeemed.


play symbol Bankers Trust
lecture locked Bankgesellschaft Berlin
lecture locked Barings Bank
lecture locked China Aviation Oil
lecture locked Fannie Mae Freddie Mac
lecture locked Long Term Capital Management (LTCM)
lecture locked Metallgesellschaft (MG)
lecture locked National Australia Bank (NAB)
lecture locked Northern Rock
lecture locked Orange County
lecture locked Taisei Fire and Marine Insurance Co.
lecture locked Washington Mutal
lecture locked WorldCom
play symbol Standard of Best Practices I
lecture locked Standard of Best Practices II
lecture locked Standard of Best Practices III


  • Included lectures: 16
  • Duration: 7:23 h
  • Available documents: 14

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Authors of course PRM Level IV

 Edu Pristine

Edu Pristine

Trusted by Fortune 500 Companies and 10,000 Students from 40+ countries across the globe, EduPristine is one of the leading International Training providers for Finance Certifications like FRM®, CFA®, PRM®, Business Analytics, HR Analytics, Financial Modeling, Operational Risk Modeling etc. It was founded by industry professionals who have worked in the area of investment banking and private equity in organizations such as Goldman Sachs, Crisil - A Standard & Poors Company, Standard Chartered and Accenture.

EduPristine has conducted corporate training for various leading corporations and colleges like JP Morgan, Bank of America, Ernst & Young, Accenture, HSBC, IIM C, NUS Singapore etc. EduPristine has conducted more than 500,000 man-hours of quality training in finance.

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