Conduct Procurements by Sean Whitaker

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About the Lecture

The lecture Conduct Procurements by Sean Whitaker is from the course PMP Training – Become a Project Management Professional (EN). It contains the following chapters:

  • Conduct Procurements
  • Key themes
  • Tools and Techniques
  • Bidder Conferences
  • Summary

Included Quiz Questions

  1. Source selection criteria.
  2. Seller proposals.
  3. Make or buy decisions.
  4. Procurement statement of work.
  1. Make or buy analysis.
  2. Bidder conferences.
  3. Proposal evaluation techniques.
  4. Advertising.
  1. Explain to the vendor that the question should be asked when the bidder conference resumes so that the information can be given to all potential vendors.
  2. Provide the vendor with the information as requested.
  3. Stop the bid process and restart it again excluding this vendor.
  4. End the bid process and award the work to this vendor as they are clearly the best of all potential vendors.

Author of lecture Conduct Procurements

 Sean Whitaker

Sean Whitaker

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