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Finding Calm – Stressmanagement (EN)

By Hillary McBride

Finding calm—in a world like this, it is very needed. Different impulses and inputs, stress, and anxiety affect our psyche and bodies in ways that sometimes we don´t even recognize.

Hillary McBride, a licensed therapist, and researcher, will teach you more about where stress and anxiety appear and give you strategies to deal with it.


  • Included lectures: 12
  • Duration: 2:21 h
  • Available documents: 1

Authors of course Finding Calm – Stressmanagement (EN)

 Hillary McBride

Hillary McBride

Hillary McBride is a registeres clinical counsellor in private practice in Vancouver with a PhD in Counselling Psychology at UBC. Next to working in the clinic, she is a speaker and writer. Her clinical and research specialty focuses on the intersection of spirituality and mental health, trauma, and many more psychiatric issues.

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