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  1. Ethnic origin, gender, and religion
  2. Worldview and sexual identity
  3. Age and disability
  4. Professional career
  1. Be aware of the types of discrimination that exist and how they can manifest themselves in everyday work.
  2. Make yourself and your employees aware of this topic, anchor important values in your Code of Conduct, and introduce a complaints office.
  3. If you yourself ever feel that you are being discriminated against, keep it to yourself.
  1. Appoint an Equal Opportunities Officer
  2. Establish a transparent complaints system.
  3. Establish an anonymous application process.
  4. Avoid unequal treatment across the board for each case
  1. You inform the person that there is no place for discrimination in your company and demand an apology.
  2. You report this behavior to your superiors.
  3. They do not interfere. The term used is slang. Moreover, the colleague it refers to has no such handicap.
  1. Make the colleague aware of his misconduct in no uncertain terms. Insist on an apology and a promise that such behaviour will not occur again.
  2. In order to prevent such cases of sexual discrimination in your company, it is a good idea to appoint an Equal Opportunities Officer.
  3. Document his misconduct.
  4. Do not do anything and wait. Only in the event that he repeats his behavior, you should take action.

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