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The lecture Liability of the Management by Lecturio Online Courses is from the course Compliance Flat (EN).

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  1. Making essential decisions themselves
  2. Investigate suspected cases
  3. Clarify facts
  4. Allowing created structures to run their course
  1. Members of the Executive Board and the Board of Directors.
  2. A person with primary responsibility who has been entrusted with monitoring the compliance requirements.
  3. The establishment of a CMS is voluntary.
  1. Your previously developed CMS, which you control on an ongoing basis.
  2. Your conscientious clarification of the facts. You may not have done anything to prevent the breach, but you can still get it out after the fact, even if you don't have a CMS integrated into the company.
  3. Your goodwill. For years you have been trying to convince the other board members to set up a CMS.
  4. Your ignorance. After all, you cannot know what your employees are doing in detail.

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